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A digitális nomádok létszáma jelentősen megnőtt. Ez köszönhető a pandémia miatti home office munkahelyek jelentős növekedésének, továbbá annak, hogy a fiatal felnőtt generációk már kifejezetten szeretik összekötni a kellemeset a hasznossal. Vagyis szabadúszó gépről végzik a munkát, és különféle országokban nyaralnak mellette, vagy épp egy szálloda teraszán dolgoznak két masszázs és csobbanás között. A legfontosabb eszköz az ilyen életvitelhez a laptop. Milyen típust érdemes választani hozzá?

Performance is job dependent

By definition, a programmer or designer won’t buy machines for average use for their work, so in that case, you should definitely head for more powerful laptops. At the same time, a stronger-than-average medium machine may already be suitable for a journalist or other job such as data. However, the definition of performance also depends on what we use the machine for in our spare time. After all, this computer will be the computer we can use for games or watching movies during our travels. These should definitely be considered before making a choice.

There are important factors that everyone should keep in mind

As a digital nomad, there are important options for a laptop that are completely independent of specialty and job. These specifications are perhaps the most important, it is worth choosing based on such properties. First and foremost is battery life. If you want to be a worker during a bloody holiday, we are also happy to work from the beach and the terraces of various cafes. This requires a long battery life. The situation is similar with the right storage space, the cloud is very practical, but it happens that we don’t reach Wi-Fi in all areas. So it doesn’t hurt to have space on the machine for at least our current job.

We can already associate this type with our profession

There are several types of laptops. In addition to the classic openings, laptops with detachable or flip, ie rotatable, foldable displays have also appeared. The flips of the Asus Vivobook series, for example, are such machines. They are most suitable for those who take advantage of the touch screen function. Who can talk? For example, artists, graphic artists, illustrators and 3D designers. They are sure to get the most out of their laptops. However, for those who do not deal with this as a digital nomad, this kind of solution can even be confusing. The classics are recommended for them.

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